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How It All Works

What is an Individual Voluntary Arrangement ( IVA )

IVA's were first introduced as a solution to problem debt in 1986 and now are the most popular formal solution to clear debt. They are designed to make repayments more manageable and affordable. These schemes must be set up by a registered Insolvency Practitioner (IP) who will split your payments between your creditors. These are legally binding agreements in which you pay back all or part of your debts.

The arrangement is put together to prevent any additional interest and charges being added your existing debt (creditors can't change their mind!) These will normally last 60 months, and during this period you will be expected to make one affordable payment each month towards your debt. At the end of 5 years* and any debt that remains will be legally written off.

With no set up fees involved!


Just think, no more:

  • Nasty phone calls from creditors
  • Get out of debt in 5 years
  • Payday loans you have to keep rolling over
  • Dreading bills because you know you can’t pay
  • Running out of money within days of being paid
  • Having your cards declined at the till
  • Reduce your monthly payments to a level you can afford

You should know that:

  • There's no guarantee that your lenders will agree to an IVA
  • Your name will appear on an insolvency register
  • Entering an IVA may have a serious impact on your credit rating

Typical Example

Here is an example of how an IVA could help you.

Example Unsecured Debts

1 Personal loan £8,000
2 Credit card 1 £6,812
3 Credit card 2 £4,092
4 Credit card 3 £5,399
4 Credit card 4 £5,200
4 Overdraft £700
Total Owed £30,204

Your Monthly Repayments Would Be

an IVA
(total contractual repayments)
an IVA
(total contractual repayments)
Reduced by

* Subject to creditor acceptance
* Payment subject to individual circumstances
* Credit rating may be affected
* Fees apply, subject to individual's circumstances.

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